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Process for Hensley Custom Building Group

Peace of Mind While Your Custom Home Is Being Built

When you choose Hensley Custom Building Group to create your dream home, we handle the heavy lifting of the design details, specification listings and subcontractor vetting and bidding.

We walk you through every stage, from purchasing land to designing your home, to the construction process. From before you even break ground until after you move in, we work to make your experience seamless.

Construction Begins

Using your final plans, we request all the necessary permits. Then we stake the house out on your site. Excavation of the foundation can then begin. Once the foundation walls are built and underground plumbing is installed, the work must be approved by an inspector.

Wall framing comes next, then subflooring is installed. At this point, we walk through the project with you. It’s an exciting time and an opportunity for you to get a feel for the home’s layout.


Custom Home Finance Advice with Hensley Custom Building Group

Fixtures and Finishes

As the custom home process continues and materials are delivered, we coordinate all inspections of framing, electric, HVAC systems and plumbing.

Now the many moving parts of your home project come together: The crew hangs drywall and finishes it with primer. Cabinetry and plumbing is installed. Appliances, bathroom fixtures, tile and flooring arrive on site. Wood floors are stained and lighting is installed. Meanwhile exterior finishes are buttoned up and concrete driveways and walks are poured.

Finally, the last inspection takes place and produces a certificate of occupancy. The home is ready for our final walk-through with you. We keep a punch list during this visit of any outstanding issues to address.

Assembling the Building/Construction Team with Hensley Custom Building Group

Wrapping Up Your Custom Home

Now it’s time to close on the sale of your home, and for us to hand over your keys. But our relationship with you doesn’t end. Every product in your home carries a manufacturer’s warranty, and we offer a one-year builder’s warranty on the home’s construction. After a year, we walk through your home again to ensure that it is living up to your expectations.

Our ultimate goal is for you to be in love with your Hensley home.

Purchasing Land and Building Permits for a Custom Home in Cincinnati

Green and LEED Construction

Some of our clients seek to bring a level of environmental awareness to their new homes. At Hensley Custom Building Group, we are familiar with green and sustainable building practices and materials. And, we are happy to incorporate those practices and products into our new custom homes.

LEED-certified construction is a goal for some homeowners. Benefits of a certified home can include a higher re-sale value, lowered monthly utility costs or simply the satisfaction of creating a green home. We are happy to work with your green construction goals.

LEED and Green Home Construction Hensley Custom Building Group of Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you ready to start your dream home conversation?

We develop special long-lasting relationships with our clients built on trust, mutual respect and personal attention. We get to know our clients by listening to their expectations. We then make it our mission to meet those desires. Our relationships go beyond business: Our reliability and continued commitment to the homes we build is unsurpassed.