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Cincinnati Custom Home FAQ

Are you able to tell us how much our custom home will cost or work within a budget?

At Hensley Homes, as a top Cincinnati home builder we fully disclose our prices to our clients and price our homes based on a “fixed cost” or a “cost-plus” fee basis. To learn more about how we keep your custom home within budget, refer to our allowances page under Process in the website navigation.

Can you ensure quality and the best value when building my custom home?

We operate on an open book basis with all bids and invoices open to client review on a cost-plus contract. We competitively bid every aspect of our projects with time-tested contractors who have proven their quality and expertise. Many have worked for us for nearly 25 years.

What are my payment terms working with Hensley Custom Building Group?

We bill monthly, only for work done, materials delivered and invoiced to us. Manage payments and lien releases are facilitated through a third-party title company. Your payments are disbursed directly to those who have invoiced and completed the work.

At what point do we sign a contract to get our custom home built?

We don’t ask our Cincinnati custom home clients to sign a contract until we have a final home design, material selections and a budget that meet expectations.


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