5 Reasons to Choose a Bidet for a Custom Home

With the recent rush of toilet paper purchasing in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the topic of bidets is being, well, flushed out in the open. Is it a good idea to add a bidet to your custom home plan? 


Before you decide, let’s discuss your options: You can add a bidet that’s a separate fixture, usually placed next to the toilet, you can add a toilet with bidet features or you can add a separate, wall-mounted bidet sprayer. No matter what option you choose, a bidet uses a stream of water for cleaning. Added features to bidet toilets can include drying functions.  


cleansing toilet bidet for custom home
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Bidets are widely used around the world, but are not common in the United States. Obviously, bidet manufacturers would like to change that, and it could be a smart move for homeowners. 


bidets for custom home


Consider a Bidet for Your Custom Home 

Here are five reasons why you might want to consider this type of plumbing fixture:  

  1. Bidets are more hygienic. Instead of handling toilet paper, a stream of water provides cleansing. While some people still use toilet paper or a towel with a bidet, cutting down on contact with toilet paper can decrease the spread of germs.  
  2. Bidets far outweigh conventional toilets in environmental benefits, because far less toilet paper is used. Even considering the extra water used by the bidet, bidets are a “greener” choice, according to Metaefficient.com. The site notes that cutting back on toilet paper could save the 15 million trees, billions of gallons of water, tons of chemicals and terawatts of electricity used to produce and ship the 36 billion rolls of toilet paper used each year in the United States.
  3. Added features bring luxury to the bidet. Warm water, a heated seat, air dryer and deodorizing functions can all be built into today’s bidets. 
  4. Bidets are a good choice for homeowners interested in aging in place. A bidet can allow for continued self care and good hygiene as people age. Specifying a comfort height toilet with bidet fixture ensures easier use for older people or wheelchair users. 
  5. You can see less of your plumber. Bidets cut down on the clogs caused by toilet paper. They also reduce the downstream issues of paper in the sewer and water treatment systems. 

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