Bedroom Paint Colors You’ll Love

For a lot of us, our bedroom is a safe haven away from the stress of everyday life and even the daily busyness of our homes. It’s a room that is meant to be customized, and truly reflect who you are. We’ve created a list of bedroom paint colors that will help you redefine your space and express your own aesthetic.

Neutral Nelly

Neutral colors will bring a sense of simplicity to your home. Put a spin on typical neutrals like tan, white and gray by choosing colors with subtle undertones of pink, blue and yellow. Neutral colors are also easily paired with bold colors so if you’re still looking for some vibrance, complement the neutral with a bold curtain, bedding, throw pillows or art.

Pastel Peter

Looking for a pastel color to add some relaxation and serenity to your life? Some great pastel bedroom paint colors are lavender, soft blues and yellows. If you’re going for a particularly beachy theme, soft ocean blues and light sandy yellows are a great choice. An easy way to pick a pastel for your walls is by choosing washed out colors already in your decorative accessories like quilts and paintings, and in your furniture. 

Bold Brad

Maybe you like to make a statement in your safe haven. Bold colors will do just the trick, but you don’t have to pick neon orange to make a statement (unless you want to). Fresh, energizing colors like emerald green, ruby red or canary yellow will brighten up your space and have you feeling ready for the day when you wake up.

Bedroom Paint Colors Tips

It’s important to remember when choosing colors, especially for a closed room like a bedroom, that dark colors like navy blue or black can make the space feel smaller and lighter colors will open up a space. If you are having a hard time picking between two colors, consider painting an accent wall. Using a darker color for the accent wall will complement the main color you choose. 

Choose Hensley to Customize

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