De-cluttering to “Right Size” Your Home

Ready to “right-size” or move in to a different style of home? If you’ve lived in your current home for awhile, you may need some de-cluttering tips to help cull your belongings before making the move. While it may seem overwhelming to sort through your accumulated treasures, the reward will be a home with a fresh feel that’s perfect for your next stage of life.

Some De-cluttering Tips

  1. Take a “right now” approach to clothing. Go through all wearables, including shoes, bags and accessories, and ask: “Do I wear this right now?” or “Did I wear this last season?” If the answer to either question is “no,” purge those items. It might feel ruthless, but you don’t want to move piles of clothes or shoes that no longer fit you or your current style.2.
  2. Keep the momentum going by taking a hard look at your furniture. Anything that’s too worn to move to a new home can be easily weeded out. Consider the style of your new home as you evaluate other pieces. Will they be the right size for your new space? Maybe you’ll need fewer pieces for indoor spaces and more for outdoor living. Hanging on to outgrown kid’s furniture might not make sense. If furniture decisions are paralyzing you, ask an interior designer who’s familiar with the look and feel of your new home to help. 
  3. Now it’s time to tackle those cabinets, cupboards and closets. Remember, by de-cluttering you will have much fewer boxes to move and unpack. Let that be your mantra and motivation to let things go. Watch for duplicates of things: Sets of dishes, pots and pans, tablecloths, small kitchen appliances, tools and decorative items all seem to multiply over the years. Winnow down to one of each type of item if you can.
  4. Take some time to consider de-cluttering tips for your hobby supplies and leisure equipment. If you haven’t spent any time on an activity in years, chances are you’re not interested enough to take it up again. Will you re-read those shelves full of books? Do you really want dusty tennis rackets, boxes of forgotten craft supplies and your kids’ old golf clubs taking up space in your new home?
  5. Your new home may have a larger garage than your current home, but that doesn’t mean you need to stuff it to the gills. Pull everything out of your garage and be strict about not putting anything you don’t currently use back in it. Sort tools and get rid of duplicates. Research how to safely dispose of chemicals and paint in your area. Give away any unused sports equipment. You’ll love the open feel of your new garage when you drive in every day.
  6. Every list of de-cluttering tips or book by an organizing expert will tell you that paperwork is one of the toughest things for homeowners to stay on top of. Consumer Reports offers a guide on what documents to keep (and for how long) and what to throw away. Again, if this de-cluttering step feels overwhelming, focus on the vision of your new home without drawers filled with bulging files of outdated papers, and be persistent.  

Your New, De-cluttered Home

Many of our clients “right-size” to new homes with single-level living. These new houses may be smaller (or not) but they make sense for our clients’ current lifestyle. Leaving behind anything that doesn’t fit that lifestyle makes the move that much better. 

If you’re ready for a custom home that’s perfect for you, contact us. We’d love to talk about your vision and how we can help. 

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