Kitchen Trends 2020: New Kitchen Faucets

It used to be that kitchen sinks got all the love–everyone wanted a farmhouse or apron style sink. But at this year’s Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas, kitchen faucets stood out. 

Think Spring!

Restaurant style ranges have been in demand for many years. Now custom home kitchens are boasting faucets with a professional look, too. At the Kitchen & Bath Show, tall faucets with spring features were turning heads. You can expect to find them in a range of finishes and styles, from contemporary sleek to more chunky.

Danze Foodie Caliente KBIS 2020
Photo courtesy of Danze


Function and Form

Pull down sprayers get high marks for functionality. Faucet makers are designing models that integrate the pull down even more cleanly. If you prefer a separate sprayer off to the side, you’ll be able to find a wide range of options for that configuration, too. As you choose a faucet for your sink, keep your kitchen’s overall style in mind. Our clients often look to our interior design partners or selections coordinator to help specify every kitchen element. 

House of Rohl faucet KBIS 2020
Photo courtesy of House of Rohl


Great Gadget

One new gadget, the bottle rinser, is a brilliant addition to any kitchen. With so many people using their own tumblers, water bottles and travel mugs, the rinser makes quick work of getting it clean. The Delta rinser would also be perfect for a home bar or outdoor kitchen, both places where glassware tends to proliferate. 

Delta rinser KBIS 2020


Smart Innovations

Another faucet trend is voice activated models that can dispense pre-measured amounts of water at various temperatures. This function builds on the “hands free” or touch controls that have a dedicated following among cooks and dish washers alike. 

To read more about hot faucets from this year’s show, check out this article from Houzz. 

So what’s your kitchen sink and faucet style? We’d love to hear about your vision of the perfect kitchen. Contact us today. 


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