Live Cooking Events in Cincinnati with Partner Tisdel Distributing

Tisdel Distributing, which supplies high-end kitchen appliances to many of our clients, is offering a range of learning opportunities in 2019. The complimentary live cooking events will be held at Tisdel’s northern Cincinnati showroom in Mason.

Tisdel Live Cooking Events in Cincinnati Luxury Home Kitchens

Each evening features themed dishes from Tisdel’s culinary expert Amy Tobin and her team. Attendees will learn more about how to use the induction cooktop, convection steam oven, the M-Series oven, and more. You will also go home with a recipe booklet to help you recreate all of these delicious dishes in your new custom home.

The 2019 schedule includes:

Thursday, November 14

Theme: A Thanksgiving Celebration
5:30pm to 7:30pm

Registration is required. Visit Tisdel Distributing to register.

What are current Kitchen Trends?

In short, less open concept and more pantries. Renovated kitchen plans often include enlarged pantries and fewer sight-lines through the rest of the house. While white cabinets are holding their own, islands often stand out with a complementary color. Another trend is toward colorful backsplashes. Even appliances are getting in the act with contrasting colors.

As a leading Cincinnati custom home builder, we are pleased to share events, such as live cooking events in Cincinnati, from our partner organizations to help grow our community and keep you informed. Contact us for your Cincinnati custom home needs.