New Construction Home Checklist: Your Flooring Choices

When brainstorming options for your new construction home, flooring plays an important role in setting the tone and aesthetic for every space. With so many options, you may be unsure of how to narrow things down and make choices for your custom home.

We’ll help you understand the general types of flooring, address the most important factors to consider and explore the latest flooring trends, so your new construction home will look up to date from top to bottom. Then, scroll down to find our checklist of areas in your new home and what types of flooring you might use in those spaces.

General Types of Flooring

Hardwood is a classic option, available in many different finishes and stains. A good hardwood floor can add warmth and sophistication to any space. If you’d like your space to look and feel luxurious  you could also choose stone flooring. Marble, granite and limestone can brighten up a space and can even reflect light; however, these floors also need extra maintenance and care to preserve their natural beauty. Porcelain and ceramic tile serve as more artistic choices, as they come in a variety of designs, colors and patterns, which can add a unique touch to any room. Finally, luxury vinyl flooring offers durability, as well as water resistance and easy maintenance, making it good for utilitarian areas that will see heavy traffic, like mudrooms.

Stone flooring in a Cincinnati luxury home entryway
Stone flooring such as marble can brighten up a space and reflect light.

Factors to Consider

Consider the intended use of the space when selecting flooring. Will this space be used for large gatherings or for smaller groups? Is it in a place where you will often be barefoot or a spot where muddy shoes will come in from outdoors? Will this flooring be placed in an often-used hallway or a food prep area? All of these factors can influence flooring choices.

Also, consider the style and appearance you hope to achieve with the flooring. Stick with the overall design of your entire home and avoid patterns or styles that could clash with this choice.  

Be sure to evaluate the level of maintenance and durability that each type of flooring offers according to the needs of your home and family. Remember pets are family, too, and they can definitely have an impact on your floors. 

Finally, always keep your budget in mind and pick out flooring that fits within your comfort level while still offering the value and look you want for your custom home. 

Hardwood flooring in a bathroom in a custom home in Cincinnati
Consider the intended use of the space when selecting flooring. Hardwood is a good choice for bathrooms due to its durability.

New Flooring Trends

Wood-look tiles have gained popularity due to their durability and ability to thrive in moisture-prone spaces, such as bathrooms and kitchens. They are a safe alternative to natural hardwood and require less maintenance. 

Artistic geometric and patterned tiles, such as Moroccan-style motifs, can make a room feel more interesting visually. Homeowners can even customize their own carpets or area rugs, so personal touches can become an essential part of any space.

New Construction Home Details

As you select your flooring, you’ll start to catch a glimpse of the true beauty of your new home, and begin to give it a personality of its own. Get excited about your choices and look for materials that reflect the feeling you want each space in your new construction home to convey. 

new construction home with Area rug in a gourmet kitchen
Homeowners can customize carpets or area rugs, so personal touches can become an essential part of any space.

Flooring Checklist

Jot down your ideas for flooring in each area of your new home. Then you can discuss your preferences with your interior designer or our selections coordinator. 

Room and Type of Flooring

Entry __________________

Great room __________________

Living room __________________

Dining room __________________

Kitchen __________________

Breakfast room __________________

Home office/study __________________

Library __________________

Laundry __________________

Mudroom __________________

Powder room __________________

Primary bedroom __________________

Primary bath __________________

Other bedrooms __________________

Other full baths __________________

Home bar __________________

Home gym __________________

Home theater __________________

Recreation room __________________

Wine cellar __________________

Other: __________________

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