Demo to Design Build

Demolish an Existing House to Design/Build Your Dream Home in Cincinnati, Ohio

In Indian Hill and other areas of Cincinnati, finding land for the new custom home you really want is a challenge. Some of our clients choose to demolish an existing home and rebuild to create a home that fits their needs and lifestyle.

Teardown Services

At Hensley Homes, our teardown services begin with helping you find the right property.

  • We help with Identifying, negotiating on and acquiring properties.
  • We have decades of experience building in Indian Hill.
  • You can trust our in-depth knowledge of local codes and restrictions.
For Sale Teardown and Rebuild

Found a Home You’d Like to Tear Down?

You can count on the Hensley Homes team to bring your new vision to life:

  • Expert assessment of current building and lot
  • Professional designer to develop new plans
  • Ability to work with your architect
  • Proven team of subcontractors who take pride in craftsmanship
  • Luxury finishes and details to make your home one of a kind
  • Attention to every detail
Tear Down Old Home and Rebuild

Understanding the Teardown Process

Unlike building a custom home on undeveloped land, tearing down an existing home begins with a thorough assessment of the current residence. Our team can help you decide if any of the materials, fixtures or appliances are worth saving or donating to a nonprofit. We’ll take the time to walk the property with you and determine the best placement of your new home. 

Demolition can add a few weeks to your construction timeline. We’ll help you understand what your homeowner responsibilities are in terms of contacting utility companies or other tasks. 

Once the teardown house is removed and your design is finalized, we can begin the custom home building process. You will be involved along the way to select all the materials for your new home, guided by our selections coordinator. Our clients find the process of meeting with local high-end suppliers fun and exciting. You’ll start to see your new home coming to life. 

Understanding the Teardown Process

Is a Teardown and Build Right for You?

Purchasing an existing home that's in a great location but is not your ideal house offers you two options: Make renovations or tear the house down and start with a fresh slate.

One thing to remember is that renovations are time-consuming and often uncover unpleasant and costly surprises. Instead of working around outdated systems and structural challenges, it could be more sensible to tear down the existing house completely and replace it with exactly what you want.

Teardown Home Services - Are They Right For You_

Advantages of a Teardown and Build

Retrofitting the current home amenities and styles into an existing house can be difficult or even impossible. Today’s home innovations create buildings that are more energy efficient and better suited to the way people want to live today. 

With a teardown and build, your building crew will be able to work efficiently with materials they are familiar with and well-conceived plans. A teardown and build could even cost you less money and aggravation than a whole home renovation.

Teardown and Build Advantages

Location, Location, Location

The most enticing reason to teardown and build is the ability to live in your first-choice community. Undeveloped building lots in Indian Hill and other desirable Cincinnati areas are hard to find. Purchasing an existing house on a lot you love gives you a shortcut. No more searching for available property, and you can take advantage of a well-established site. 

Teardown and Rebuild For The Location You Want

Selling a Teardown House?

If you are interested in selling your home in Indian Hill, we would be happy to hear from you. Our licensed realtor expert, John Hensley, can provide you with expert guidance and information about your house’s current worth and condition as it relates to today’s market and buyer expectations. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation. 

Is a Teardown and Build in Your Future?

Tearing down a house to build what you really want doesn’t have to be difficult. Hensley Homes has built hundreds of luxury homes in Indian Hill and Cincinnati. Let’s talk about your vision today.