Wallpaper Ideas for a New Home 

When thinking of wallpaper, our minds often go to a vision of outdated patterns found in fussy old houses. In more recent years, wallpaper has become popular once again, adding an exciting opportunity to add color and lively patterns. There are an abundance of ways that wallpaper can be used to give a peek into your personality and style. Read on for some wallpaper ideas for a new home.  

Adding such a bold accent within your home can be nerve wracking, but we have compiled some tips and tricks to remember when making your decisions. 

Choosing a Location 

As you are planning to use wallpaper, it is important to carefully consider the location. It would be very inconvenient to change your mind after applying the wallpaper, especially when money has been spent. There are many options for places to use wallpaper, and within these rooms you can get creative with accent walls or stick to the classic, and hang wallpaper in the entire room. 

The interior designer you work with for your Hensley custom home will be invaluable in helping you make all your wallpaper decisions. These design pros stay on top of trends, and understand how to blend new ideas with timeless design. 

Color Schemes

The next step is deciding what color scheme works for your space. It is important to consider your furniture for the room you are planning to decorate, so everything works together perfectly. This guide also outlines more color scheme criteria to pay attention to when purchasing  wallpaper. 


Once your color scheme is set, it is time to start browsing for your wallpaper pattern. The options are almost limitless, but here are some common styles to select from when determining your design. 

  • Geometric patterns 


  • Floral 


  • Abstract 


Your Partner In Creativity 

Allowing your home to show the best parts of your style and personality is important when choosing a builder. Hensley prioritizes your needs, and wants to make your home an individual experience. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your dream home.