What Color Trends Are Predicted for the New Year?

Every year, like clockwork, the design world eagerly unveils “color of the year” selections. Selected by paint companies and forecasting experts, these color trends often set the tone for interior design and fashion, influencing our choices for everything from home decor to clothing. 

While 2023 brought us a diverse range of color palettes, the color picks for 2024 offer a glimpse into the evolving tastes and moods of the year to come. It’s time to go beyond basic gray in most homes.

One thing that stands out from the predictions for 2024 is the prominence of blues. Although green has enjoyed a fair share of popularity in recent years, it seems that designers and paint companies are turning toward soothing blues. From misty sky-like shades to bolder hues inspired by the sea and twilight, blues are expected to make a significant impact on interior design and beyond. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout color of the year choices for 2024.

Upward by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams has named “Upward” as its 2024 color of the year. This soft, airy blue has subtle red undertones, a hint of gray and a touch of green. Upward embodies the essence of Scandi slow living or coastal vibes, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a calming contrast to the busyness of modern life. Whether applied to walls, furniture or decor, Upward creates a serene and welcoming atmosphere.

Skipping Stones by Dunn-Edwards

Dunn-Edwards has chosen “Skipping Stones” as its 2024 color of the year. This moody, meditative blue draws inspiration from the sea, offering a perfect balance between warm and cool tones. Whether used on cabinets, walls or in more subtle applications, Skipping Stones is a versatile and calming choice for interior design. It pairs beautifully with nature-inspired colors from the New Dawn collection.

Limitless by PPG

PPG’s “Limitless” is a light yellow that exudes energy and optimism, representing a fresh departure from the cool grays of previous years. Described as a “modern honey beige,” Limitless serves as a versatile neutral that can infuse any space with a sense of wellness and morning sunshine. Its application can be the perfect pop of color in various settings, from walls to kitchen cabinets.

Viridis by Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown’s 2024 color of the year, “Viridis,” is an earthy green that connects interior and exterior spaces while exuding freshness and optimism. This mid-green shade plays well with natural elements and lush, forest scenes, making it a grounding choice for various decor styles. Any bedroom could brighten up with this color.

Cracked Pepper by Behr

Behr’s choice for 2024, “Cracked Pepper,” defies the trend of lighter near-neutrals with its bold return to black. This luxe charcoal tone manages to feel soft and cozy while still making a statement. Whether used as an anchor in modern or classic spaces, Cracked Pepper adds depth and character.

Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s “Blue Nova” is another mid-toned blue that balances warm and cool elements. It is described as “captivating” and “otherworldly,” capturing the spirit of twilight to create a magical ambiance. With its matte finish, Blue Nova adds a velvety feel to various surfaces, from kitchen islands to cabinetry.

Renew Blue by Valspar

For those torn between the greens of today and the blues of tomorrow, Valspar’s “Renew Blue” offers a harmonious blend of both. This 2024 color of the year focuses on restoring equilibrium and recharging, striking a balance between peace and provocation. Whether combined with neutrals or used on its own, Renew Blue brings a sense of self-discovery to your living space.

Color Trends: New Hues for the New Year

As we look forward to the color trends of 2024, these diverse color choices offer inspiration for every mood and style. Whether you’re drawn to the soothing blues, energetic yellows or earthy greens, there’s a color to suit your unique vision for the year ahead. The new year promises to be a colorful and inspiring journey in the world of design. Contact us today to begin choosing the colors – and all the other exciting details – of your custom home.