All the Fun: Custom Home Game Rooms 

It’s not just for kids: We all need play time in our lives. Perhaps you spend your weekends golfing, cheering on your favorite team or shooting pool with friends. You shouldn’t have to travel beyond the comfort of your home for recreation. Check out these ideas for custom home game rooms.


Indoor Fun and Games



The possibilities are endless when creating custom home game rooms. A bonus room or finished lower level can be transformed into a top-notch, one-of-a-kind space. Consider adding the necessary equipment for activities like shuffleboard, billiards and ping pong. Maybe you have a collection of vintage arcade games to plug in, or want a spot for playing video games. 

Looking for more high-energy pursuits? Home gyms are becoming increasingly popular because of Covid restrictions at public gyms. Having a gym in your house increases flexibility in your schedule by taking out the commute, and it provides more privacy for your workout. You can pick and choose the equipment that you prefer. Including features like a TV and speakers make it feel just like an actual gym.



One of the most popular ideas for custom home game rooms among our clients is a golf simulator. With a simulator, sunlight and the weather no longer control your time on the green. Play anytime, in any conditions, for as long as you like. No more pesky foursomes behind or in front of you. The simulators take you virtually to famous golf courses without stepping foot off your property. They can help you analyze your game and also provide experiences for other sports like football and baseball. With the simulator’s oversize screen, the space can double as a home theater. 

Another idea for custom home game rooms is to include an indoor lap pool. These petite pools are a perfect addition, whether you are an avid swimmer or simply seeking a gentle form of exercise. Matching the pool decking to nearby spaces provides a sense of continuity. Lap pools are long but narrow, allowing them to fit in tighter spaces. You don’t have to live in Florida to swim year-round. 


Perfect Custom Home Game Rooms 


There are important design considerations when creating custom home game rooms and recreational spaces. You will want the ceilings to be at least 9 feet tall to give an open feel. If you plan to include a golf simulator, you need enough space to swing a club without hitting a wall or the ceiling. The ideal size for a simulator is 9.5 feet tall, 18 feet deep and 12 feet wide. You should also consider where you’ll need electric outlets and wiring for any speakers. If you plan to use the game room late at night, be sure to separate it from bedroom spaces where people might be trying to sleep. 



Choose appropriate lighting for the area to finish off a space. For example, a canopy light is perfect to hang above a billiard table. Hang it 30 to 42 inches above its surface to properly illuminate the table. Recessed lighting adds a sophisticated touch to a game room. Avoid hanging lights and lamps near a sports simulator. 

Choosing the right color and furniture is also key. Do you want the room to feel warm and classic, or more exciting with a pop of color? Furnishings should be comfortable, but also durable enough to stand up to hours of play. Keep both players and spectators in mind when choosing seating. High stools near a pool or billiard table allow people to take a seat and keep their eyes on the action. 

If you and your family enjoy board or card games, a round table with four or six club chairs can be just right. Or you might prefer to sit on the floor around a large coffee table.  

And, when it’s time to catch your breath or toast a victory, a cozy sectional steps away from a wet bar scores points. 


Game Plan


At Hensley Homes, we specialize in fun. Our goal is for you to get years of entertainment and joy from your home. Book an appointment with us to get started on designing your custom home today.