Under One Roof: What Is a Multigenerational Home?

Multigenerational homes are designed to comfortably house a family consisting of multiple generations. Typically this would include an aging parent or grown or young adult children. The more generations living in your home the more specific your needs for your home design may be. We’re going to give you some examples of different design features you may want to include in your custom multigenerational home.

Older Generations and the Mother-In-Law Suite

Oftentimes families will choose to include a “mother-in-law suite” or an additional living space added on to a single-family home in order to take care of aging or ill parents. A multigenerational home usually includes some type of mother-in-law suite whether it’s separate living quarters, a guest house or an apartment-like bedroom or floor in the house equipped with a bathroom and kitchen. These kinds of arrangements provide the independence the parent(s) may want and the privacy their children want. Still it allows family members to be close enough to take care of an older relative if that time comes. 

Designing this type of space into a custom home plan is much better than trying to retrofit it onto an existing home. The suite can be as lavish or restrained as you’d like. Providing a separate entry, outdoor space, kitchen and laundry offers whoever lives in the suite a feeling of autonomy. Some families prefer to share one kitchen so generations can come together to prepare and eat meals. 

Adult Children and Lower Level Luxury

Couples with older children who are college-age or young adults may be looking to include a separate space for their children to call their own or entertain their friends. A finished and fully equipped lower level with a small kitchen, home theater and even an office space for them to work are popular features for this kind of setup.

Positioning a home theater well away from the primary bedroom suite can help keep the sounds of movies or gaming from keeping people awake. A separate entry for a space used by grown children will be appreciated by everyone. Why not put a laundry room nearby, too?   

Features for the Primary Owners

While many multigenerational homes are designed specifically around family members who are not the primary owners, it’s always a good idea to consider including features that would suit the primary owners as well. A “morning kitchen” or wine bar can bring some personal touches and give the primary owners the opportunity for some privacy over morning coffee or a nightcap, especially in a plan where all generations share the main kitchen. 

Be sure to consider things like storage space when designing a multigenerational home. After all, more people equals more stuff. Expanding the pantry might be necessary, too, along with offering garage space for more vehicles. 

Build a Multigenerational Home in Cincinnati with Hensley Homes

Hensley has extensive experience building multigenerational homes, especially custom homes with specific features designed around the client, their family and their needs. If you’re looking for a multigenerational home builder in Cincinnati, contact us today to discuss your vision.