Elevate Your Space With Custom Kitchen Appliances

Luxury home design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a personalized statement of style and functionality. Custom kitchen appliances have changed the way we design homes, blending beauty and usefulness together.  

At Hensley Homes, we select the best appliances and features to ensure our clients’ kitchens meet all their needs and preferences. Some of the most requested custom kitchen features include these appliance upgrades:


  • Customizable paneling to match cabinetry.
  • Adjustable shelving and compartments for specific storage needs.
  • Integrated smart technology for temperature control and inventory management.

Ovens and ranges:

  • Custom color finishes and designs.
  • Programmable settings for specific cooking styles.
  • Choice of fuel types (gas, electric, induction).


  • Panel-ready designs to blend with kitchen cabinetry.
  • Adjustable racks and settings for different dish sizes.
  • Noise reduction technology for quieter operation.

Range hoods:

  • Custom materials (stainless steel, copper, brass).
  • Unique shapes and designs.
  • Integrated lighting options.


  • Built-in models for seamless integration.
  • Custom door styles (swing or drop-down).
  • Variable power settings for different cooking needs.

Coffee systems:

  • Built-in coffee makers with customizable settings.
  • Options for different coffee types and brewing strengths.
  • Integration with smart home systems for remote operation.

Wine coolers:

  • Custom sizes and shelving for different bottle types.
  • Adjustable temperature zones for different wine varieties.
  • Integrated lighting and display options.

Smart kitchen gadgets:

  • Smart faucets with touchless technology and temperature control.
  • Connected appliances for remote monitoring and control.
  • Customizable interfaces on smart screens and devices.

Hensley Homes is equipped to bring your vision for custom kitchen appliances and layout to life, offering access to the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies. Whatever your dream kitchen looks like, we have the expertise and resources to make it a reality.

Your Dream Kitchen Awaits

A New Era in Kitchen Design

The shift from standardized to personalized kitchen appliances represents a pivotal transformation in contemporary home design. Now your custom kitchen appliances can reflect your individual preferences while enhancing both the visual appeal and practical functionality of luxury kitchens. Our clients love the ability to select appliances that seamlessly blend with their distinctive style while delivering top-notch performance.

From bespoke refrigerators to custom range hoods, the options for personalized kitchen appliances are expansive. Today, it’s possible to tailor sizes, incorporate technological advancements and customize functionalities to work with your specific cooking habits and family lifestyle.

Here’s a quick look at today’s options:

Generic AppliancesCustom Kitchen Appliances
– Standard designs and colors, often in common finishes like white, black or stainless steel.
– Basic features with standard functionality suitable for general use.
– Standard sizes designed to fit average kitchen spaces.
– Often made with cost-effective materials to keep prices low.
– May not seamlessly integrate with kitchen design, often standing out as separate pieces.
– Standard technology with basic features.
– Limited options for personalization.
– Standard energy efficiency ratings.
– Varies in longevity and maintenance, but may not be as durable due to cost-saving production focus.

– Custom designs and colors, tailored to match your specific style and kitchen decor.
– Advanced features and functionalities customized to your preferences.
– Custom sizes and shapes designed to fit perfectly into your specific kitchen layout.
– High-quality materials tailored to your preferences and durability requirements.
– Designed to integrate seamlessly with the overall kitchen design, often matching cabinetry or other elements.
– Cutting-edge technology and innovative features like smart appliance capabilities.
– Extensive options for personalization, including controls, features and design elements.
– Option to choose higher energy efficiency ratings and eco-friendly features.

Crafted Cabinetry and Bespoke Oven Range

A Colorful Kitchen

One striking trend in personalized kitchens is the infusion of custom colors into appliance design. Beyond the conventional stainless steel, homeowners are opting for unique and vibrant hues, turning their appliances into artistic focal points. Custom colors offer a means of self-expression, creating a harmonious blend or a bold contrast with the kitchen’s existing color palette.

Introducing color can make your luxury home feel more unique – almost like your kitchen is a piece of fine art. Some of the examples of this color trend are:

Dark and moody colors:

  • Charcoal gray: A sophisticated, deep gray that adds a dramatic touch.
  • Navy blue: A classic, deep blue that brings elegance and depth.
  • Black: Bold and sleek, perfect for a modern, chic look.

Moody Vibes for a Chic Culinary Space

Earth tones:

  • Olive green: A muted, natural green that adds an earthy, calming vibe.
  • Terracotta: Warm and inviting, this reddish-brown color adds a rustic charm.
  • Walnut brown: Rich and natural, providing a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Timeless Earth Tones

Vibrant and bold hues:

  • Bright yellow: A cheerful, energetic color that brightens the space.
  • Coral: A playful blend of pink and orange that’s warm and inviting.
  • Teal: A rich and vibrant blue-green that makes a statement.

Metallic finishes:

  • Brushed gold: Adds a touch of luxury and warmth.
  • Stainless steel: Sleek and modern, it remains a popular choice for a contemporary look.
  • Copper: Warm and rustic, it adds a unique flair.

Style and Function with Custom Hoods

Our clients love custom metal hoods as focal points in their upscale kitchens. The array of metals, from copper to stainless steel and brass, offer striking good looks along with effective ventilation and durability. Working with premium-quality brands such as Metal Craft Designs means Hensley homeowners can rely on their custom hoods for years to come.

Custom Oven Hoods for a Unique Kitchen

Integrated Technologies and Custom Kitchen Appliances 

Smart home technology allows for truly personalized kitchens. From smart refrigerators that provide inventory management to ovens equipped with remote control and pre-programmed recipes, integrated technologies offer an easy and intuitive culinary experience. These advances help with meal-prep efficiency and add a touch of sophistication to modern kitchen spaces.

Tailoring Appliances to Your Needs

Wouldn’t it be nice if your kitchen appliances helped you be more productive? With new custom kitchen appliances, you can adjust temperature zones in your refrigerator, rely on an oven with specialized cooking modes or even “ask” your refrigerator if you need to pick up eggs at the store.  These functional customizations ensure that appliances align perfectly with your individual needs, enhancing both usability and comfort.

Choosing the right appliances is an important factor to consider and our design selections team is ready to help. Taking into consideration the available space, design theme and desired functionalities are all important when making decisions. That’s where choosing an expert like Hensley Homes can help. We know where to find the best appliances here in Cincinnati and from online sources. 

Your Luxury Home Partner

At Hensley Homes, we partner with top-tier kitchen appliance suppliers, dedicating ourselves to sourcing and customizing the perfect elements for your luxury home. We are committed to going above and beyond to fulfill your unique vision. Ready to start? Contact us today and let’s begin planning your new home and its amazing kitchen.